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My name is Adrian and I have been passionate about wired headphones and earphones for most of my life. I tested them, modified them and wrote about them. They are my absolute favorite way to listen to music. But it looks like my babies might have become obsolete.

Because constant improvements in the fields of battery technology, miniature electronics and wireless protocols have led to: Earbuds without any cords. And these are very exciting!

Headphones and in-ear headphones (Earbuds) have been around for a long time now. A lot of people use them every day, during travel, work or study. You can buy them for prices varying from 2$ to 2000$.
The more you pay, the better the sound (in most cases). At least up to 6 or 7 hundred dollar, in my experience.

But even if you would buy a 2000$ pair of in-ear headphones they would still be (fundamentally) the same as the ones costing 2$. And this means

  • That you will be untangling them every time you put them on.
  • That you will have to replace the wires in a few years because they will break internally.
  • That you will get caught on things when you are listening while walking or sporting. Unless you put them under your coat or sweater.
  • But then you have to deal with rubbing sounds coming through the cables.

Wireless Earbuds are changing all of that. And the experience that you get is unlike any other. (At least when it comes to listening to music:)

Happy to have you here, enjoy the site!